missing man page, inn 2.2.1

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 21 22:06:42 UTC 1999

Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at xcski.com> writes:
> Quoting John Summerfield (summer at OS2.ami.com.au):

>> Well!
>> [root at possum summer]# man mod-active
>> No manual entry for mod-active
>> [root at possum summer]# locate mod-active
>> /usr/bin/mod-active
>> /usr/doc/inn-2.2.1/samples/mod-active
>> /usr/doc/inn-2.2.1/samples/mod-active.in
>> [root at possum summer]# 

>> If course, it's possible that the RPM builder's at fault.

> I think it's not just the rpm builder's problem:

> #locate mod-active
> /usr/local/src/inn-2-2.1/doc/mod-active.8
> /usr/local/src/inn-2-2.1/samples/mod-active.in
> /usr/local/src/inn-2-2.1/samples/mod-active
> /usr/local/src/inn-2-2.1/site/mod-active
> /home/news/bin/mod-active

> See that?  No mod-active.8 in the /home/news/man/man8 directory!

It wasn't listed in the Makefile for installation.  Thanks for the report;
fixed in the STABLE and development trees.

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