I have a question i am setting up inn-2.2

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 4 23:25:26 UTC 2000

nitesh mistry <nmistr01 at cs.fiu.edu> writes:

> I am getting an error massage of 436 cannot store article....it says
> this over and over again.......And i can't seem to find the problem....

See <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/faqs/inn.html#4.1>:

Subject: 4.1. innd: SERVER cant store article

You probably have a misconfigured storage.conf.  In current versions of
INN, including 2.2.1, "no matching entry in storage.conf" is added to the
end of this message unless it really is a disk I/O problem, making the
cause considerably clearer.

storage.conf(5) has this to say:

    If an article doesn't match any entry, either by being posted to a
    newsgroup that doesn't match any of the <wildmat> patterns or by being
    outside the size and expires ranges of all entries whose newsgroups
    pattern it does match, the article is not stored and is rejected by
    innd(8).  When this happens, the error message
         cant store article: no matching entry in storage.conf
    is logged to syslog.  If you want to silently drop articles matching
    certain newsgroup patterns or size or expires ranges, assign them to the
    "trash" storage method rather than having them not match any storage
    method entry.

One of the more frequent causes of this problem is misuse of the expires
key in storage.conf entries.  Read the man page for storage.conf very
carefully if you're using the expires key, since it may not do what you
think it does.  In particular, if you have a storage class that specifies
expires with a min-time greater than 0, it won't match any article without
an Expires header (the vast majority of Usenet articles).

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