bug? history getting bigger

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 10 07:15:54 UTC 2000

George Lindholm <George.Lindholm at ubc.ca> writes:

> I've been noticing that my history file kept getting bigger and bigger
> and that the expirerm process kept taking long and longer to run. After
> last nights run I started to poke around a bit after I noticed that the
> expire.list file contained 6.1M articles (out of a possible 8.5M), most
> of them no longer on my system.

> After looking at expire a bit it seemed to me that there was some code
> missing that marked the expired articles as having been expired. I came
> up with this patch which after a quick test seemed to do what I expected
> it to. Am I missing something somewhere else that I'm not doing that
> might explain my observations?

You sent the above bug report in August of last year; I'm not sure on the
exact resolution, but I'm pretty sure that expire is now working
correctly.  Lots of things in that area have changed since then.

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