inn 2.3 readers.conf error

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 10 08:32:07 UTC 2000

John Phelps <jphelps at> writes:

> I'm using inn 2.3 from the Feb 16 snapshot.  Using cnfs on a Solaris 2.6
> system.  Almost everything is working well except for readers.conf.  I
> have a small perl script which authenticates users by looking them up in
> an oracle database.  I want everybody to be authenticated so I have the
> following readers.conf file:

> #all hosts need to tell us who they are
> auth "dialup" {
>          hosts: "*"
>          auth: ""
>          default: "FAIL"
> }

> # access for all but a few newsgroups
> access "all" {
>          users: "*"
>          newsgroups: "*,!control*,!junk,!news.lists.filters,!alt.nocem.misc"
>          access: "Read Post"
> }

> # no access for people who fail authentication
> access "denied" {
>          users: "FAIL"
>          newsgroups: ""
>          access: ""
> }

Hm.  I think I understand what's happening, but I could be wrong.

Since a default of FAIL is given for all connections, and since that
matches the first access group, the code in perm.c that figures out what
banner to give the user will tell them that they're allowed to post.  I'll
bet that this means that the news reader's authentication code never
triggers and therefore it never tries to authenticate.  This probably
isn't good behavior on the part of the reader, but authentication is so
non-standardized that it wouldn't surprise me.

Try changing "users: *" to "users: *,!FAIL" and see if that does what you

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