:-( Another bug.... makehistory -F

David Luyer david_luyer at pacific.net.au
Sat Aug 5 12:52:16 UTC 2000

Still in the 20000804 version;

makehistory -F is buggy :-(  I just built most of an incorrect overview 
database for a 144Gb spool...

BTW the ftello/fseeko #undef required I sent earlier needs to be done
for both files, for the other half of the #ifdef.  It never showed up
for my original patch since I didn't include clibrary.h.

Anyway, the makehistory bug, made clear in pseudocode:

main() {
   if (DoOverview & !Fork) {
      find value of sorttype;
   while (blah) {

DoArt() {
   calls to WriteOverLine();

WriteOverLine() {
   things depending on value of sorttype which isn't known if !Fork;
   FlushOverTmpFile() if needed;

FlushOverTmpFile() {
   if(Fork) {
      fork() and child finds out sorttype, parent returns;
   do something differently depending on sorttype which is now the real

So DoArt() creates the wrong format overview lines and FlushOverTmpFile puts
junk in the overview buffers as a result.

David (... about to clear overview buffers and do a makehistory without the -F! ...).
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