INN 2.2.2

Robert Dinse nanook at
Sat Feb 26 07:31:26 UTC 2000

On 25 Feb 2000, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Date: 25 Feb 2000 23:26:10 -0800
> From: Russ Allbery <rra at>
> To: Robert Dinse <nanook at>
> Cc: inn-bugs at
> Subject: Re: INN 2.2.2
> Robert Dinse <nanook at> writes:
> > I know, I see the code; it doesn't stop the fact that when posting from
> > a reader that doesn't supply the PATH header, IE 5.0 in particular, the
> > article gets posted without a PATH header.
> I believe it may be possible for this to happen if PATHMASTER is defined
> to the empty string.  You didn't make a change like that when compiling
> INN, did you?

config.h:#define PATHMASTER     "not-for-mail"

> And there's definitely no other software (leafnode, nntpcache, etc.)
> between clients and nnrpd?

     Nope, no other software inbetween in the case where this is a problem. 
But even if something were inbetween shouldn't it STILL add a Path header if
none exists?  How would nnrpd know if something came directly from the client
or via other software?  But in the case of where we are having the problem it
is with end clients talking to nnrpd.

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