Y2K Problem

Shigeru Matsumoto matumoto at ssd.sony.co.jp
Tue Jan 4 03:38:43 UTC 2000

Dear ISC-members,

We are using Inn2.2.1 on Solaris 2.5.1 platform.
And I accessed via Netscape4.7 but error messages came out
as follows, there was a Japanese message before it though.

NEWGROUPS yymmdd hhmmss["GMT"][<distributions>]

But the main functions have no problem and this message only 
pop up for the first time that I open the news.
If I restart the Netscape, the messages pop up only once.

Is this a bug that you mentioned on the Web NEWNEWS and 

 Shigeru Matsumoto << E-Mail: matumoto at ssd.sony.co.jp >>
 Sony Systems Design Co.Ltd.

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