downloaded 2.2 .gz file gives error

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sat Jan 15 07:27:40 UTC 2000

In article <387F7FE5.47C30681 at>,
	Nikhil Vora <nikhil at> wrote;

} I downloaded inn ver. 2.2.2 from the link
} file but the downloaded .gz
} file is giving following error when i try to gunzip that file..
} gunzip inn-2.2.2.tar.gz
} gunzip: inn-2.2.2.tar.gz: unexpected end of file
} Can u help me ASAP ?? This is a very urgent issue for us!!!

Have you got the tar ball in binary mode on ftp
session?   I've just checked to see if your problem
happens to me, but not.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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