Can't initialize storage manager: one or more storage methods failed initialization

agayev at agayev at
Wed Jan 26 20:02:56 UTC 2000


I got the error message on the subject while trying to initialize the
history database with ``makehistory -i'' command.  A search on inn-workers
list archive revealed a few other sufferers from the same mystic error
message and almost nothing useful, except that makehistory uses syslog(2)
for logging error messages.  It would be nice if FAQ or makehistory(8)
mentions it, so that people don't spend time finding out where the actual
error messages go.

Though one might argue that syslog messages are not informative enough
either, for they kept claiming that a file specified along the cycbuff:
line does not exist

   Jan 26 18:53:43 guney makehistory[4686]: CNFS-sm: file '/usr/news/spool/other' does not exist, ignoring 'OTHER' cycbuff

to which file(1) disagreed.

   [news at guney ~/db] file /usr/news/spool/other 
   /usr/news/spool/other:  English text

Here's the relevant part from inn-2.2.2/storage/cnfs/cnfs.c:

   if (stat(cycbuff->path, &sb) < 0) {
     syslog(L_ERROR, "%s: file '%s' does not exist, ignoring '%s' cycbuff",
            LocalLogName, cycbuff->path, cycbuff->name);

And here's the actual reason of failed initialization

   [news at guney ~] ./a.out
   Value too large to be stored in data type

A.out does a stat(2) on "/usr/news/spool/other" followed by perror.
Platform is AIX 4.3.2; large file support enabled for /usr/news partition.

After looking at /usr/include/sys/stat.h, I recompiled with -D_LARGE_FILES
(i.e. by adding -D_LARGE_FILES to CFLAGS in and
makehistory -i succeeded.

In the hopes of saving time of _many_ people, that I spent _once_.

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