actsync doesn't work for changing moderated groups

Christian Kurz shorty at
Thu Jan 27 06:38:43 UTC 2000

On 00-01-27 Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> In article <20000126222219.G13504 at>,
> 	Christian Kurz <shorty at> wrote;

> } Strange, see the attached log from my Inn-2.2.2. I don't use actsyn.ign
> } on this server because I want to sync for every group. 
> :
> } + actsync -p '0 -o x

> You've misused actsync; "-p '0"

No, strangely there's a ' before the 0 but this is not the case in the
script itself.

> }     ctlinnd changegroup alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.male.moderatedm  exited with status: '

> This shows you've failed to change groups.

Right and would call this a bug because the status of the group m is
attached to the groupname and so you can execute thsi command. Please
fix this.

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