batcher f5069.n550.z2 skipping "@03014255464630300000000267730000..." too long

Denis Shaposhnikov dsh at
Wed Jul 5 07:47:46 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Katsuhiro" == Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at> writes:

 Katsuhiro> This should not happen, but can you verify the batch file
 Katsuhiro> when this happens?  -- Katsuhiro Kondou

Well, I insert next string to send-ifmail script:

    cat ${BATCHFILE} > ${BATCHFILE}.`date +%T`

exactly before executing batcher. And I see 2 wrong batchfiles. Note,
they both have exactly 8 kb size. Here only last 5 lines of batchfile.

@0301425546463030000000064AF20000001A@ 2967
@0301425546463030000000064B890000001A@ 4770
@0301425546463030000000064BB00000001A@ 1984
@0301425546463030000000064BB40000001A@ 2657


@030142554646303000000006B8070000001A@ 2660
@030142554646303000000006B80D0000001A@ 2408
@030142554646303000000006B8120000001A@ 3091
@030142554646303000000006B8190000001A@ 5303

This is errorlog:

batcher f125.n5055.z2 skipping "@03014..." too long
batcher f125.n5055.z2 skipping "@0301425546463030000000..." too long

Note, I use buffchan:

        :Tx,Wnb*:/usr/local/news/bin/buffchan -f 2 -p /var/run/news/

and when I add '-u' option (disable buffering) no 'too long' errors

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