BUG in inn-BETA-20000518 - is this fixed later?

David Luyer david_luyer at pacific.net.au
Tue Jul 18 14:34:15 UTC 2000

I've been having problems with a history file which is approaching 4Gb in
size on a BSD/OS (intel) system.

On BSD/OS with 64-bit file sizes and 32-bit pointers;


#define QIOtell(qp)             ((qp)->Count - ((qp)->End - (qp)->Start))
    long count;


    for (where = QIOtell(qp); (p = QIOread(qp)) != NULL; where = QIOtell(qp)) {
        switch (dbzstore(key, (OFFSET_T)where)) {

Result: 32-bit signed truncation.  Fix: make count an off_t.


    offset = ftell(HISwritefp);

  BSD/OS ftell() returns a 32-bit value - fgetpos() returns a 64-bit value
  but beware it may return an 8-byte structure rather than an off_t.

Result: 32-bit signed truncation.  Fix: use fgetpos().

fseek() also has this problem eg: in expire/prunehistory.c,
which also uses ftell().  Maybe fseek() and ftell() emulations
which use off_t rather than long are needed as the easiest way
to fix it?

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