control.ctl with inn-2.2.3

Geoff Gibbs ggibbs at
Mon Jul 24 13:40:58 UTC 2000


I have just pulled over inn-2.2.3, and in checking the configuration
files I see that the entry in control.ctl for BIONET is out of
date. The entry is correct in the file :-

the correct information is :-

## BIONET (Biology Network)
# URL:
# PGP:
# Biosci-control-key at
#     PGP  Key fingerprint =  EB C0 F1 BA 26 0B C6 D6  FB 8D ED C4 AE 5D 10 54
# *PGP*   See comment at top of file.
checkgroups:Biosci-control-key at*:verify-Biosci-control-key at
newgroup:Biosci-control-key at*:verify-Biosci-control-key at
rmgroup:Biosci-control-key at*:verify-Biosci-control-key at

All the best

Geoff Gibbs

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