for help of INN

chh chh at
Mon Jul 31 04:33:10 UTC 2000

  I have a problem about INN application which confused me so many
days that I had to turn to you now. For example:
   several newsgroups are set in our news server, i.e. 
   "Tech", "Solaris", "junk", "ip"..., 
   and some users are set, i.e.
   cnuser1/12&5user, cnuser2/78&user....
   the problem is how to implement that user "cnuser1/12&5user" 
can "Read" and "Post" the newsgroups(Tech, Solaris,junk), and
 "Read" the newsgroup "ip" but can not"post" on "ip".

                                   chen Hui
                                   chh at

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