inn-2.2.2 - problem with active file

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:09:14 UTC 2000

John Summerfield <summer at> writes:

> I'm setting inn up for use at home; one thing I'm ddoing us feeding the
> linux kernel mailing list into it. I've previously had problems (and
> still have problems) with news I get from

> The problem is that articles mysteriously vanish.

The most common explanatino for articles mysteriously vanishing is
overview problems of some kind.  I see that you're running INN 2.2.2; are
you using the storage API or are you using the traditional spool stuff?

> At some point I reconfigured something and did a 'ctlinnd reload all'

> Sheesh. All those loverly articles went missing.

That's very odd; I can't think of anything that reloading would cause
articles to vanish.

> group local.linux.kernel-sources
> 211 4 1 4 local.linux.kernel-sources
> However, when I look at what is present on the filesystem (ad described
> somewhere in your FAQs), I see:
> [summer at possum articles]$ awk '(NF > 2){print $3}' < ${HISTORY} | tr . /           | grep local | head
> local/linux/kernel-sources/1
> local/linux/kernel-sources/2
> local/linux/kernel-sources/5
> local/linux/kernel-sources/4                                                                     
> and so on to
> local/linux/kernel-sources/525
> local/linux/kernel-sources/526
> local/linux/kernel-sources/527
> local/linux/kernel-sources/528
> local/linux/kernel-sources/529                                       

> Lots of files as you can see.

What does the active file say if you look in it directly?  Does it show
numbers up to 529?

If not, try doing a ctlinnd renumber '' and see what the active file says
after that's done.

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