INN 2.2.2: server_init should take 0 for default port

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Mar 10 02:19:27 UTC 2000

Jonathan Kamens <jik at> writes:

> It should not be necessary for every News reader in existence to have to
> write the same code to call getservbyname() to find out the NNTP port.
> This code should be centralized in the libinn version of server_init,
> and clients should be able to specify a port number of 0 to get the
> default port.

> It is certainly a step backwards from the old, pre-INN clientlib.c not
> to have this functionality, since that old version did do the
> getservbyname().

libinn at the present time is only marginally useful for clients in my
opinion; there's too much basic stuff, like authentication, that it
doesn't know how to do.  I'd really like to see a new client library
written from scratch, possibly supporting the old API for backwards
compatibility but in general rethought and cleaned up.  It's on my list of
things to look at at some point, but unfortunately rather than getting
less busy my day job has gotten even *more* busy, and I have several more
deadlines fast approaching.  :/

Someday I'll get back to working on these things....

Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

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