Refs for bug in INN 1.5.1

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at
Sun May 7 05:50:38 UTC 2000

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	Chris Lawrence <news at> wrote;

} I am trying to find any online references relating to the bug in INN
} 1.5.1 in which fetching articles by Message-ID would cause a long delay
} after 39 articles had been fetched.
} I have scoured Usenet and the Web, as well as doing an extensive search
} of your list archives and I am unable to find any references at all.  I
} have seen many people talking about this bug [1] and I am experiencing
} it myself with a particular ISP.  I am now trying to find references in
} order to demonstrate to the ISP that this was a confirmed issue and that
} they should upgrade INN.
} Would you be able to assist with a URL or any other such reference
} please?
} [1] eg,

I suspect your ISP defines LIKE_PULLERS as DONT and
nnrpd/article.c may be slightly changed.  Asking your
ISP is the fastest way to fix it, I guess.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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