Missing man page & assorted others

John Summerfield summer at OS2.ami.com.au
Thu May 11 11:03:13 UTC 2000

+ echo 'Starting innd.'
Starting innd.
+ eval /usr/bin/inndstart -
++ /usr/bin/inndstart -
Usage error.
+ false
+ false
+ RMFILE=/var/log/news/expire.rm
[news at possum news]$ + '[' -f /var/log/news/expire.rm -a -s /var/log/news/expire.rm ']'
+ '[' -f '/var/log/news/expire.rm.*' -a -s '/var/log/news/expire.rm.*' ']'

[news at possum news]$ man inndstart
No manual entry for inndstart
[news at possum news]$ grep -i bugs /usr/doc/inn-2.2.2/* | less
[news at possum news]$ 

I got to this because inncheck complained about white space at the end of
this line:
innflags:		- 

and I removed the trailing whitespace.

How it got to that state, I don't know. Ham fists perhaps? It's not that
way in the package I installed.

Still, there's no man page. I know, all it needs is a symlink;-)

John Summerfield
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