makehistory improvement/bugfix: "Bytes" header

Roy Hooper rhooper at
Thu May 11 22:53:42 UTC 2000

This patch is for INN 2.3-20000511's makehistory

The attached patch adds the "-e" option to makehistory, which requests
"entire" articles from the storage API using RETR_ALL instead of RETR_HEAD,
so that the Bytes header of the overview may be generated during -O

This is particularly useful for converting to uniover or old overview to the
new ovdb format (or other new overview formats) without losing the value(s)
for the Bytes field.

On a Dual P3-550mhz machine with 2GB of 100mhz RAM and a Mylex DAC1100 64mb
Write-Behind RAID-0 5x18gb 1 logical unit running FreeBSD 4.0, it took under
15 minutes to fully process about 5gb worth of articles and generate my new
overview from my 53 CNFS 1gb files. :)  I only shudder at how long this
would take on slower setups.

Roy Hooper (rhooper at
Director, Network Architecture

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