bug in unwanted newsgroup reporting

Don Lewis Don.Lewis at tsc.tdk.com
Fri May 19 01:52:28 UTC 2000

ARTpost() contains the following code to to report articles that were
posted to unwanted newsgroups:

            if (NoHistoryUpdate) {
                (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Can't post to \"%s\"",
                    MaxLength(HDR(_newsgroups), HDR(_newsgroups)));
            } else {
            (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Unwanted newsgroup \"%s\"",
                MaxLength(HDR(_newsgroups), HDR(_newsgroups)));
            ARTlog(&Data, ART_REJECT, buff);

The bug is that NGsplit(HDR(_newsgroups)) is called earlier in ARTpost(),
which stomps on the Newsgroups header.  The result is that for crossposted
articles only the first newsgroup in the list is reported.  This makes
it difficult to figure out why the article was sent.

Changing this would mess up the unwanted newsgroup reporting, since an
articles crossposted to N groups could potentially result in N factorial
variations in the unwanted newsgroup report.

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