Bug in inn-BETA-20000518

David Luyer david_luyer at pacific.net.au
Fri May 19 12:39:04 UTC 2000

In innd/art.c

innd/art.c:2151:#if     defined(DO_REMEMBER_TRASH)
innd/art.c:2155:#endif  /* defined(DO_REMEMBER_TRASH) */

this should be using the configuration value not the old #define.
Somehow it slipped past someone.

Another thing which is a possible bug.  In innd/nc.c NCpostit() throws
away the error returned by ARTpost() (a nice 437 error) and replaces
it with an uninformative 439 error.  This means 'nocheck' feeds (ie,
streaming feed with only takethis, no check), which some people use
when an inn server is fed by a single, fast, directly connected diablo
server, do not give useful errors.  Would it be valid within the protocol
to simply replace the '437' with a '439' and keep the meaningful error?
How about logging the reason somewhere in the log files, rather than
just increasing cp->Rejected without recording any details?  (I've had
a situation where half a million articles in one day were silently
discarded except for incrementing the reject stats)

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