Bug in inn-BETA-20000518

David Luyer david_luyer at pacific.net.au
Sat May 20 07:09:07 UTC 2000

> } How about logging the reason somewhere in the log files, rather than
> } just increasing cp->Rejected without recording any details?  (I've had
> } a situation where half a million articles in one day were silently
> } discarded except for incrementing the reject stats)
> Doesn't $pathlog/news help?

Not for the articles I was trying to debug the reject reason for.

Some form of reject from ARTpost resulting from a takethis command
doesn't get logged, and then gets the type replaced by 439 to send
back to the upstream server so the upstream server has no idea either.
Maybe 'takethis' without 'check' doesn't log reject reasons?  Or
maybe they were hitting 'remember trash' - possibly when Diablo couldn't
find the right message it was just sending copies of the wrong one
over and over.  The next paragraph says why I think this.

The cause of reject might have been missing message ID - the reason
for the reject was because Diablo was expiring the articles before
they got to inn, and inn was rejecting approx 5000 articles in under
10 seconds.  But some debugging code seemed to suggest innd thought
the articles were duplicated, not that the message ID was missing.

Anyway - as a result - rebuilding the news server tonight with CNFS.
Because the fundamental problem was that it couldn't keep up :-(

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