expire.ctl and possibly inncheck problem in inn-BETA from May 17th

Tim Pennick T.Pennick at axion.bt.co.uk
Mon May 22 13:46:39 UTC 2000


I've installed the BETA snapshot inn-BETA-20000517 on a test server, and a
problem seems to exist with respect to the format of expire.ctl files.

This is probably only a transient instability, but I thought I'd point it out
in case its slipped through the net.

Problem:  The INSTALL file includes a description of the expire.ctl fiile
which specifies two formats for the majority of the lines in this file.  The
valid format depends of groupbaseexpiry variable in inn.conf.  If this is set
to True, then as I read the INSTALL file, you should be able to use "wildmat"
group names as the first field in the individual expire.ctl lines, rather than
storage classes.  However, the example expire.ctl file doesn't refer to this
format, and using lines of this format as copied from earlier versions of INN,
inncheck returns "malformed line" error messages.

Apologies if this is my error rather than a bug.


Tim PEnnick

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