Few problems with INN 2.3.0 BETA

Benjamin `Quisar' Lerman quisar at quisar.ambre.net
Tue May 23 16:51:46 UTC 2000

 I try using the snapshot made : May 18, 2000 @ 10:05 AM GMT

 I join to this my inn.conf and my readers.conf.

 The first real bugs is that inn is dropping the connection each time a
client is using the newnews command.

 The second bug of misfeature (I don't know) is that INN is not adding a
Sender header when the reader is authentificated via identd, but only
when it uses authinfo commands.

 The third thing is a suggestion : One there is an identd identification
for the reader, why isn't there one for the feeders. It can be useful
to have one when you can trust the administrator of the computers, but
not all of his users (passwords doesn't work because innfeed do not use


 Benjamin `Quisar' Lerman                                quisar at quisar.ambre.net

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