innfeed 2.3.0 coredump

Pavel Gulchouck gul at
Sun Nov 5 12:38:24 UTC 2000


14:09:17news at solar:~> uname -a                                          
SunOS solar 5.6 Generic_105181-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi-Engine

I think here was more then one innfeed running after
"ctlinnd reload newsfeeds" or some other like this.

Nov  4 04:49:21 solar innfeed[19357]: ME tape open failed (a+) /var/spool/news/innfeed/percoua.output: Operation now in progress                                
Nov  4 04:49:22 solar innfeed[19357]: percoua:0 cxnsleep response unexpected : 435                                                                              

and then

(gdb) where                                                                     
#0  0x6fde34c8 in _fprintf ()                                                   
#1  0x2ddfc in tapeTakeArticle (tape=0x928b8, article=0xffac0) at tape.c:672    
#2  0x28024 in queuesToTape (host=0x92738) at host.c:3410                       
#3  0x264d0 in hostStartSpooling (host=0x92738) at host.c:2763                  
#4  0x247c0 in hostCxnSleeping (host=0x92738, cxn=0x94b98) at host.c:1950       
#5  0x1c4d8 in cxnSleep (cxn=0x94b98) at connection.c:3184                      
#6  0x1afcc in cxnSleepOrDie (cxn=0x94b98) at connection.c:2371                 
#7  0x1bfb8 in processResponse435 (cxn=0x94b98,                                 
    response=0x94c68 "435 article not wanted - do not send it")                 
    at connection.c:2977                                                        
#8  0x1a2bc in responseIsRead (e=0xf8dd0, i=609384, b=0x94c91, d=0x94b98)       
    at connection.c:1787                                                        
#9  0x1fef4 in Run () at endpoint.c:789                                         
#10 0x2aad8 in main (argc=-268436024, argv=0x49800) at main.c:536               

because tape->outFp is NULL and fprintf() cause SIGSEGV. :(

Also I don't understand this error codes:

Nov  4 04:50:44 solar innfeed[19380]: ME oserr status file open: /var/log/news/innfeed.status : Operation now in progress                                       
Nov  4 04:50:44 solar last message repeated 1 time                              
Nov  4 04:50:52 solar innfeed[19380]: ME oserr status file open: /var/log/news/innfeed.status : Connection refused                                              
Nov  4 04:51:06 solar innfeed[19380]: ME oserr status file open: /var/log/news/innfeed.status : Operation now in progress                                       

Why it happens and what should innfeed do if it cannot open
backlog file? May be, put articles to innfeed-dropped or don't
get arts from innd (wait while open() will success)?

                                Lucky carrier,

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