inn-2.3.0, makehistory loops when server is left running

Benedict Lofstedt benedict at
Mon Nov 20 10:00:51 UTC 2000

inn-2.3.0, on Irix 6.5, with 

ovmethod:               tradindexed

method tradspool {
       newsgroups: *

I was trying to rebuild my overview databases and history files while
letting the server run in throttled mode, so users would get a message
telling them what was going on.

I used the command

  makehistory -b -f history.n -O -T/news/tmp -l 10000

However, all that happened was that the file $PATHOVERVIEW/group.index was
created, and then the makehistory process took over the CPU, without doing
any system calls.  No files were written in $PATHOVERVIEW, nor in

I then killed the server, and tried again.  This time everything went as
expected. I got a file in /news/tmp immediately, and soon after files
started appearing in the overview area.

The man-page doesn't mention that the server should not be running.  In any
case, having makehistory doing an infinite loop is *bad* ;-)

--- benedict

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