readers.conf localtime bug?

J.J.Bailey jjb at
Mon Nov 27 18:21:15 UTC 2000

> In article <200011270255.eAR2tW912978 at>,
> 	"J.J.Bailey" <jjb at> wrote;

> } fprintf(DebugFP, "HDR(_date) = %d\n", HDR(_date) ? 1 : 0);
> :
> } HDR(_date) = 1

> This means article already has Date header, doesn't it?

Originally I was sending a date.  You told me that locatime: only
gets invoked in the absence of a date, so I removed it.  When I
realized no change in nnrpd's behavior I added those debug lines to
find out why.

The debug output shows that nnrp thinks it got a date header.  It
didn't.  Maybe it's initalized as true and not reset.  From my mail to
you on the 22nd:


Here is the entire article input to nnrpd:

From: root at
Newsgroups: znet.test
Distribution: zNET
Subject: test

Wed Nov 22 18:14:05 PST 2000


Here is /tmp/nnrpdebug:

datebuff=Thu, 23 Nov 2000 02:14:07 +0000 (UTC)
HDR(_date) = 1

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