Vitaly Kuharev invest at orfin.com
Mon Oct 9 06:06:49 UTC 2000

Hello inn-bugs,

  I have a problem with inn v2.3.0 :

method tradspool {
        newsgroups: junk    
        class: 0            
method cnfs {               
        newsgroups: orn.*   
        class: 1            
        options: ORN        

method cnfs {               
        newsgroups: *       
        class: 2
        options: RU         
Also, in the inn.conf I have
wanttrash:       true
remembertrash:   false

According to this, messages to the unknown groups must be placed to junk and
stored with the tradspool method.

But, when messages to unknown group come, they are placed to CNFS spool
(orn.* to ORN, other to RU), but in the news.notice is written that thay are
placed to newsgroup junk.

It seems to me that it's not the right way. ?

Best regards,

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