inn-2.3.0, expire with delayrm, tradspool, seems not working

Benedict Lofstedt benedict at
Wed Oct 11 07:09:43 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou writes:
 > In article <14808.17315.949174.724815 at>,
 > 	Benedict Lofstedt <benedict at> wrote;
 > }  > Could you do back trace for it?
 > :
 > } See below.
 > It looks very weird for me that token is null, while ov3search()
 > returns non null.

Luckily, my expireover has not core'd since I use the version compiled with
-g .  However, this means we are not getting any further clues as to what
caused the initial anguish.

 > } I'm still annoyed by the thousands of log entries from makehistory whic=
 > } h
 > } result from cross-posted articles where some of the cross-postings have=
 > } 
 > } been removed.  An article like this one:
 > What message do you get?

Entries like this one:

Sep 30 08:24:57 3H:gjallar makehistory[4534111]: tradspool: can't determine class: @050000000C53000086710000000000000000@: Bad article handle

where the token corresponds to the missing xref'ed article.

--- benedict

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