Weirdness with storage tokens.

Tom Kacvinsky tjk at
Mon Oct 30 22:22:29 UTC 2000

Here you go:

Class AREA  for groups matching "*", article size min/max: 0/1000000
 Buffer ONE, size:  1000 MBytes, position:  50.6 MBytes  0.05 cycles
  Newest: 2000-10-30  8:46:22,    0 days,  8:30:58 ago

In case you are wondering why the last write was at 8:46 this morning,
it is because I stopped inn on aragorn shortly thereafter.  News is
not working on that machine, so why keep it going?

By the way, cnfsstat is reporting exactly the information I expect it
to, as far as size, group pattern, etc... go.  I can't figure why
articles get stored, but the tokens are wrong.

Supposedly, the Debain people had a package install of inn for powerpc,
but I don't think it is 2.3.  I'll check it out.  If it is, I'll install
that and see how it behaves.  It it behaves well, perhaps the Debian
folks made a patch that fixes the token problem.



On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> In article <Pine.GSO.4.10.10010301144450.19451-100000 at>,
> 	Tom Kacvinsky <tjk at> wrote;
> }     @03014F4E4500000000000000000000000000@
> } 
> } The name of the cycbuff in is ONE, and that shows up properly in the token.  But
> } the other pieces of the token are obviously incorrect.
> } 
> } There are no messages in the log files that indicate there is a problem.
> What cnfsstat says?

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