inn-STABLE-20000911 problems

Ari Heikkinen aheikin at
Fri Sep 15 09:23:47 UTC 2000


I'm running inn-STABLE-20000911 on our news server and I reported earlier
that I had problems with the "tradindexed" overview method on it (the
system is SGI Origin 200 running Irix 6.5.9).

So I switched to "buffindexed" method, re-created the history and dbz..

This time both makehistory and makedbz ran fine and the server appeared to
work when started, but after a while (propably after the first "news.daily
expireover" run but npt sure if that was the case) the server started to
throttle itself giving syslog (and readers) the following error:

Sep 15 11:25:03 4H:raptor nnrpd[18078]: rejected Error
0 writing creating overview file -- throttling

...and "ctlinnd mode" gives:

ttyq0: news at raptor ~ > ctlinnd mode
Server throttled Error 0 writing creating overview file -- throttling
Allowing remote connections
Parameters c 14 i 50 (0) l 2097152 o 187 t 300 H 2 T 60 X 0 normal specified
Not reserved
Readers separate disabled Error 0 writing creating overview file -- throttling
Perl filtering enabled

Could this be caused by the same mmap() problem I was having earlier with
"tradindexed" method? How about news.daily run, what arguments for news
daily are correct for buffindexed and tradindexed modes? How about
expire.ctl, do I need others than "/remember/" for those?

Thanks in advance for any information,

Ari Heikkinen - PSPT <e-mail: aheikin at>

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