nnrpd: NNRPACCESS reading weirdness, and fix

christian mock cm at tahina.priv.at
Mon Sep 18 22:15:06 UTC 2000


nnrpd allocates a global variable NNRPACCESS for the name of the 
"readers.conf" file, and copies the respective value from inn.conf 
into that variable (in main()).

in perm.c, PERMgetaccess(), which actually reads readers.conf, takes 
the name from the inn.conf variables directly again, making the 
copying in main() redundant.

the attached diff 

a) passes NNRPACCESS to PERMgetaccess(), which seems the logical 
thing to do

b) adds a "-c conffilename" command line flag to nnrpd, whichs 
provides a filename to use instead of "readers.conf" (or whatever 
inn.conf specifies).

this allows me to run multiple instances of nnrpd on different IP 
addresses with completely different access files. the reason for this 
comes from my setup: I run a open-access read-only archive of a 
single newsgroup on my server, and I offer full access to some 
friends, authenticated via passwords.

the netscape "newsreader" component, now, on connecting to the 
server, sees "no posting" because initially only one group is visible 
read-only; when netscape authenticates, all groups become visible, 
and posting is possible, but the "new post" button (and respective 
menu entry) don't get activated, so you can only post follow-ups.

so the solution was to switch the archive part to another IP address, 
and I was searching for a solution to provide that nnrpd to another 
access file; the workaround I used until now was to call it with an 
INNCONF environment variable pointing to a second inn.conf which in 
turn contained a pointer to the second readers.conf (BTW: this 
parameter doesn't seem to be mentioned in the 2.3 manpages anymore).



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