Got it! ckpasswd -f bug (INN 2.3.0)

^GiuAnZ^ djcomputer at
Tue Sep 19 13:02:35 UTC 2000

Hi everyone!
I wasn't able get authentication working with INN 2.3.0 and a passwords
file... so I've gone into the code and I've found out why. The -f option of
ckpasswd command won't work at all. The trouble arises in the GetFilePass
function of ckpasswd.c at lines 75-78:

if (!(colon = strchr(iter, ':')))
*colon = 0;
strcpy(pass, iter);

I've modified it as follows:

if (colon = strchr(iter, ':'))
  *colon = 0;
strcpy(pass, iter);

now it works and accepts also lines in the form "<user>:<encrypted
pass>:<other crap, ignored>".

Giovanni Lopedote
Bari, Italy
neuromante at

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