Possible bug

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 21 01:56:41 UTC 2001

Sloan Seaman <sloan at laminarsoft.com> writes:

> Running ckpasswd from the command line (just to test) with a -d gives:
> invalid option -- d

> I'm running:
> ./ckpasswd -d /usr/local/news/db/passwd.pd

> In the man pages for ckpasswd it says it can take a -d option...

Under -d in the current ckpasswd man page:

         This option will not be available on systems without dbm or ndbm

One such system is Red Hat Linux with a default install, IIRC.  You may
need to install gdbm-dev or whatever Red Hat calls it before compiling INN
to get a fully functional ckpasswd program.

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