HP-UX 11: make error

tziem at rdg.boehringer-ingelheim.com tziem at rdg.boehringer-ingelheim.com
Tue Feb 6 15:24:41 UTC 2001

I bet the HP stuff helps a whole deal.

Thanks for your help.  I will pursue another avenue (either buy HP dev pack,
or load on another box - linux?).

-- Tom.

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> tziem <tziem at rdg.boehringer-ingelheim.com> writes:
> > Yes, I'm inclined to agree.  Did the machine you recently installed on
> > have the HP ANSI compiler and development package, or was it all open
> > source ( gnu, bison, etc.)?
> It had the HP stuff installed, but I used gcc to compile.  It was using
> the HP linker, though.
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