Bug - makehistory causes crossposted articles to disappear - Part 2

Jordan Russell jr at quo.to
Sat Feb 10 22:12:20 UTC 2001

This is a follow-up to my previous report (same subject).

You might have, like me, initially assumed it might have been something
wrong with my configuration. But today I did a clean install of
inn-STABLE-20010208 on a new system (likewise running RedHat 7.0), and was
able to reproduce the problem/bug there using essentially the default

What I did was this:

1. Extract inn-STABLE-20010208.tar.gz, ./configure, make, make install. No
special settings used; everything default.

2. In etc/storage.conf, add these lines:

method tradspool {
    newsgroups: *

3. In etc/readers.conf, add my IP address to the list of hosts under auth

4. Install my "active" file which looks like this:

control 0000000001 0000000002 y
control.cancel 0000000019 0000000018 y
junk 0000000000 0000000001 y
test 0000000035 0000000012 y
to 0000000000 0000000001 y
jrsoftware.toolbar97 0000000488 0000000003 y
jrsoftware.innosetup 0000004729 0000000008 y
jrsoftware.misc 0000000459 0000000002 y
jrsoftware.toolbar2000 0000001636 0000000001 y
jrsoftware.innosetup.thirdparty 0000001169 0000000001 y
jrsoftware.innosetup.isx 0000000723 0000000001 y
jrsoftware.innopascal 0000000104 0000000001 y

5. Install my articles under spool/articles. (Note: I was unable to
reproduce the problem with a fresh, empty spool. I would be more than
willing to provide my spool [~4MB] if it would help in debugging.)

6. Build history using the following script.

cd /usr/local/news/db
rm -f /usr/local/news/db/history*
rm -rf /usr/local/news/spool/overview/*
../bin/makehistory -O -e -f history.n -l 600000
../bin/makedbz -s `wc -l <history.n` -f history.n
mv history.n history
mv history.n.dir history.dir
mv history.n.hash history.hash
mv history.n.index history.index

7. Start INN using bin/inndstart.

8. And... exactly as before, new articles crossposted to
"jrsoftware.innosetup,jrsoftware.toolbar2000" disappear from
jrsoftware.toolbar2000 after stopping INN and rebuilding history again
(repeat step 6 above).

Note: There is only one line added to the syslog during the history rebuild:

Feb 10 17:04:33 localhost makehistory[634]: tradindexed: repacking group
jrsoftware.toolbar2000, offset 793

Notice that it says "offset 793"; interestingly, the first missing
crossposted article in the newsgroup is 794. Maybe this "repacking" is where
the problem lies?

Hope that helps.

Jordan Russell

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