Unable to add distribution

William R. Ward hermit at bayview.com
Fri Feb 23 10:07:44 UTC 2001

Katsuhiro Kondou writes:
>In article <200102230949.BAA28011 at komodo.bayview.com>,
>	"William R. Ward" <hermit at bayview.com> wrote;
>} However since upgrading to 2.2.2, this no longer works.  It says the
>} distribution is unwanted (error 437).
>I think that comes from ME entry in newsfeeds.  See newsfeeds(5)
>for more.  And I suspect your upgrade also replaces newsfeeds.  

You're right - that fixed it.

I can't be the only one who has had trouble finding this.  Can it be
made more prominent in the docs?  Also, what's the story with the
"distributions" file?


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