Tru64 twig

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Jan 18 15:36:55 UTC 2001

Henrik Lassen <henrik.lassen at> writes:

> I have downloaded and made a raw port. Tru64 UNIX will not accept
> "mkdir" with a non existing path - must use "mkdir -p" please correct
> Makefile.

I'm a little confused as to why you're running make release at all, which
I believe is the only place that code is used.  But yeah, you're right,
mkdir -p is probably better just in case the MANIFEST doesn't specify the
directories in the right order.

> The tar ball will only operate using gcc - is this true??

It shouldn't be.  Are you encountering compilation problems with Compaq's
compiler?  If so, what error messages are you seeing?

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