inn-2.3.0, expire with delayrm, tradspool, seems not working

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jan 22 05:56:23 UTC 2001

Benedict Lofstedt <benedict at> writes:

> That's correct, I went from inn-2.2.3 to inn-2.3.0, running a
> makehistory in the process, on my existing spool area.  I used
> tradspool, and I still use tradspool.

> My log entries from makehistory resulted from cross-posted articles
> where some of the cross-postings had been removed.  An article like this
> one:

> Xref: talk.politics.misc:1589510 alt.society.anarchy:146527 alt.activism:499181 alt.punk:541916 alt.politics.radical-left:300160

> talk/politics/misc/1589510 existed, but all the crosspostings didn't.
> Result: makehistory put out a log entry for each token,
> e.g. alt/activism/499181.

I think it does this if the crosspostings *do* exist, or at least that's
what the code looked like to me.  This whole section of code is rather
questionable and has various minor problems.

I've now suppressed the log message ahen the article is being
intentionally skipped, though, which should solve the problem that you ran
into.  That fix is now in both STABLE and CURRENT.

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