inn-2.3.0, makehistory and tradspool format

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jan 22 07:07:20 UTC 2001

Benedict Lofstedt <benedict at> writes:

> inn-2.3.0, on Irix 6.5, with 

> ovmethod:               tradindexed

> method tradspool {
>        newsgroups: *
> }

> I built overview databases and the history file when I upgraded to
> inn-2.3.0 late September.  Recently, I discovered that some of my
> articles were not removed even though they should have expired long time
> ago.  They were not in the overview databases, so they would never be
> noticed again.

This will happen currently when a newsgroup is removed.  It looks like in
that case, for tradindexed, the overview information will be purged but
the remaining articles on spool will never be deleted (although I haven't
fully investigated this).

It *shouldn't* happen any other time, and I think I understand the code
reasonably well, but it's possible that I've still missed something
somewhere.  The current expiration code is a bit complex and tradspool
really doesn't play all that well with the storage API.

> I decided to rebuild the databases to pick up the extras.  However, I
> now experience that all my crossposted articles are indexed incorrectly
> in the overview databases - they appear only in the "main" newsgroup.

This shouldn't happen, and I've rebuilt overview with makehistory from a
traditional spool in CURRENT and not had this happen.  Only the primary
article is looked at by makehistory, but it then extracts the Xref header
and uses that to create overview data, which should cause overview entries
to be created in every group to which the article was crossposted.  And my
experience is that this works.  So I'm not sure how to explain that.

> I read inn-2.3.0/storage/tradspool/README.tradspool and saw, that
> crossposted articles are supposed to be represented by symlinks, not
> hard links.

I think the documentation is obsolete there.

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