sendto failure on SCO Openserver 5.0.5

Teleconduite teleconduite at
Thu Jun 7 09:32:01 UTC 2001

I have compiled and installed inn 2.3.2 on SCO openserver 5.0.5 using the SCO Ansi compiler

The configure options I used were 
    --prefix=/home/apache/run/news \

Compilation has been successfull and inn is running as expected.
When I try to use ctlinnd mode, I get the following message :

Can't send "mode" command (sendto failure) Destination address required

netstat -A shows that the control socket is correctly created but ctlinnd cannot connect to it.

I had to create my newsgroup manually and apart of this trouble, everything is running smoothly. Note that this serve is not connected to the internet and secrutity issues are not important for me.


Jacques Roelens
Schneider Electric
38240 MEYLAN

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