cannot start innd version 2.3.2

Dinesh Somani dinesh.somani at
Wed May 23 22:36:30 UTC 2001

Hi there

I am trying to set up a local news server which will run under
my name and group.

I belong to 2 groups:
256% groups
staff or-gp

And I used "or-gp" as the configure option


Build etc. all goes well, but when I execute, I get the
following errors:

Starting innd.
inndstart must be run by group or-gp
Scheduled start of <blah>/local/news/bin/innwatch.

And, the /var/adm/messages has the following entries:

May 23 15:15:45 ganges inndstart: [ID 735900 news.crit] ran by GID 10, who
isn't or-gp (734)

Is this a bug ? Is it getting stuck on my group name from /etc/passwd ?

In any event, I'd appreciate if you could suggest a workaround.

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