Inn Install Prb. Again..

Baran YURDAGUL barany at
Fri Sep 21 06:44:11 UTC 2001

Hi again,

I have to upgrade our inn to version 2.3.1 because of the security
concerns.. I am doing this operation step by step from
the INSTALL document of INN.
I will install to the /news directory so first I do:
#./configure --prefix=/news
#./configure --with-perl
and when I do make it gives problems such as :
# make
        cd lib       && make all
        mkdir ../include/inn > /dev/null 2>&1
*** Error exit code 2 (ignored)
        ./mkversion '2.3.1' '' ../include/inn/version.h
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c pread.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c pwrite.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c setenv.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c hstrerror.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c argparse.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c checkart.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c cleanfrom.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c clientactive.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c clientlib.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c closeonexec.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c concat.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c conffile.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c date.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c dbz.c
cpp: "dbz.c", line 168: warning 2001: Redefinition of macro MAP__ARG.
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c defdist.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c findheader.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c genid.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c getconfig.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c getdtab.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c getfqdn.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c getmodaddr.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c gettime.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c grpalias.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c hash.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c inndcomm.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c localopen.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c lockfile.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c makedir.c
        cc -g -Ae -I../include   -g   -o endian endian.c
        ./endian >../include/autoconfig.h
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c md5.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c nonblocking.c
Expect 6 shift/reduce conflicts
        yacc parsedate.y

conflicts: 6 shift/reduce
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c parsedate.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c qio.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c radix32.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c readin.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c remopen.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c reservedfd.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c resource.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c rwlock.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c sendarticle.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c sendpass.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c tempname.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c waitnb.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c wildmat.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c version.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c xfopena.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c xmalloc.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c xsignal.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c xwrite.c
         cc -g -Ae -I../include   -c xwritev.c
 ar r libinn.a pread.o pwrite.o setenv.o hstrerror.o  argparse.o
checkart.o cleanfrom.o clientactive.o clientlib.o  closeonexec.o
concat.o conffile.o date.o dbz.o defdist.o findheader.o  genid.o
getconfig.o getdtab.o getfqdn.o getmodaddr.o gettime.o  grpalias.o
hash.o inndcomm.o localopen.o lockfile.o makedir.o  md5.o nonblocking.o
parsedate.o qio.o radix32.o readin.o  remopen.o reservedfd.o resource.o
rwlock.o sendarticle.o  sendpass.o tempname.o waitnb.o wildmat.o
version.o xfopena.o  xmalloc.o xsignal.o xwrite.o xwritev.o
ar: creating libinn.a
        ranlib libinn.a
        cc -g -Ae -I../include   -D_HPUX_SOURCE -Aa
-I/opt/corp/local/perl-5.004/lib/s700/5.004/CORE  -g   -c perl.c
cc: "/usr/include/sys/_inttypes.h", line 74: error 1681: Must use +e or
-Ae for long long in ANSI mode.
cc: "/usr/include/sys/_inttypes.h", line 75: error 1681: Must use +e or
-Ae for long long in ANSI mode.
*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1


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