tlh-maintainer has changed

Newsadmin news at
Tue Sep 25 08:34:18 UTC 2001


I don't know if you can really call it a bug, but as announced
about half a year ago, the tlh-maintainers e-mail adress for the
stgt.* hirarchie has changed from news at to
stgt-control at
In the latest tarball of inn (version 2.3.2) you can still find
in the samples/control.ctl file an entry like:

## STGT (Stuttgart, Germany)
checkgroups:news at*:mail
newgroup:news at*:doit
rmgroup:news at*:doit

but it should look like:

## STGT (Stuttgart, Germany)
checkgroups:stgt-control at*:mail
newgroup:stgt-control at*:doit
rmgroup:stgt-control at*:doit

All control-messages are also signed with the pgp-key provided either at
or at any key server with key-ID 0xCFBA947D (user-id stgt-control).

Perhaps you can fix this slight problem in the next release?

Thanks in advance

Bertram Lindner

News Administration - Computing Centre University of Stuttgart - Germany
                     news at

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