Problems with inn 2.2.3

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Fri Apr 26 19:01:18 UTC 2002

A while ago I wrote to mention that after upgrading from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3,
I noticed strange entries in my history file, which seemed to correspond
to cancelled or rejected articles.  I think the general concensus was
"What the hell are you going running 2.2.x instead of 2.3.x", but at least
one assurance that the problem wasn't going to affect any real articles.

I still haven't moved to 2.3.x because I haven't figured out how to do
what I need to do with authenticating readers.

Now I'm noticing another problem, far worse.  I've got duplicate articles
in my spool, and even worse, articles in my spool (including the duplicate
ones) that I can't find in the history file.

Here's some commands I issued from within the spool directory of a
particular newsgroup:
[news at allhats general]$ grep Message-ID 2876*
28760:Message-ID: <m3znzqpmi2.fsf at>
28761:Message-ID: <aabnud$5gn$2 at>
28762:Message-ID: <Ysd2q9KROUC1-pn2-LPme5XTcMToU at>
28763:Message-ID: <Ysd2q9KROUC1-pn2-LPme5XTcMToU at>
28764:Message-ID: <aabo85$5gn$3 at>
28765:Message-ID: <aabngj$1srg$1 at>
28766:Message-ID: <aabnig$1ssr$1 at>
28767:Message-ID: <aabo29$1tej$1 at>
28768:Message-ID: <m3u1pyplj6.fsf at>
28769:Message-ID: <m3ofg6plg5.fsf at>
[news at allhats general]$ grephistory 'm3ofg6plg5.fsf at'
Not found.
[news at allhats general]$ grephistory '<m3ofg6plg5.fsf at>'
Not found.
[news at allhats general]$ grephistory '<aabo29$1tej$1 at>'

Note that article 28762 and 28763 have the same message id, (they came
from different feeds) and that several articles were not found in the
history file.  I should also mention that the history file is 1.7Gb, while
the entire news spool is only about 1.3Gb.

Can anybody suggest a fix?

Alternatively, can somebody help me set up reader configuration so I can
switch to using 2.3.x?  Here are my requirements:
- if they're local, don't authenticate
- if the are coming from a outside a certain set of IP ranges,
  authenticate against an external program that is setuid so it can get
  the real password (this is on a Solaris system with over 68,000 entries in
  the YP password, so it may be running some special patch for that).
- if the IP range indicates they are on our dial-in, give them access to
  all groups, otherwise give them access to all groups
- (here's what I think is probably the strange one) If they're not a
  moderator approving somebody else's post, replace the From line with the
  userid they authenticated with and the local domain name.  (We have some
  contractual thing why we don't allow From forging).

I did the From replacement with a code hack in 2.2, but I'm thinking I
might be able to do that with the existing stuff in 2.3.

Also, if I switch to 2.3, can I just start using a new storage method in
newsgroups that already have articles in tradspool, or do newsgroups have
to be pure tradspool or pure timehash or whatever?

Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at>, not speaking for anybody
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