Problems with inn 2.2.3

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Mon Apr 29 21:39:27 UTC 2002

Quoting Jeffrey M. Vinocur (jeff at
> On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Paul Tomblin wrote:
> > Now I'm noticing another problem, far worse.  I've got duplicate articles
> > in my spool, and even worse, articles in my spool (including the duplicate
> > ones) that I can't find in the history file.
> Does your 'remember' line in expire.ctl match 'artcutoff' in inn.conf?

Actually, I have artcutoff set to 14 and remember set to 30.  I thought
that it would be not a bad thing to remember for some time after I stopped
accepting articles of that age, but now I can't remember why I thought

> I don't think that's the problem, but otherwise I have no ideas.

I rebuild the history file, and it's setting down to a much more
reasonable 26Mb.  Running news.daily got rid of most of the duplicates.
I've still got a bunch of those history items like 
[5D5978E11CE8882699819BFCA7D57129]      1020115686~-~1020115686
[33C9E1199C2DCAC21BBA28F0077B2694]      1020115724~-~1020115724
[7603278280298CBE026E6B1DD47C547D]      1020115851~-~1020115851
mixed in amongst the more normal
<aakd2k$ctg$1 at>	1020116109~-~1020114836	rec.aviation.student/92238
<aake4k$ctg$2 at>	1020116109~-~1020115924	rec.aviation.student/92239
<aakea7$bks7h$1 at>	1020116111~-~1020115254	alt.lang.asm/2414
<e0jz8.22458$%k.3865883 at>	1020116112~-~1020116025
<rOiz8.22581$Ob6.4393058 at>	1020116112~-~1020115223
<jSiz8.22582$Ob6.4397329 at>	1020116113~-~1020115471
<kiercucbuulo1l6r3f5e8hlck2gb95g6bb at>	1020116113~-~1020115955

In a few days I'm going to have another look for articles not in history
or duplicates.  

> > - if they're local, don't authenticate
> > - if the are coming from a outside a certain set of IP ranges,
> >   authenticate against an external program that is setuid so it can get
> >   the real password (this is on a Solaris system with over 68,000 entries in
> >   the YP password, so it may be running some special patch for that).
> > - if the IP range indicates they are on our dial-in, give them access to
> >   all groups, otherwise give them access to all groups
> This is all exactly what readers.conf is good for.  I don't have time at 
> the moment to work one up for you, but I think if you spend some time with 
> it you should be able to figure it out (and we'll help, here or in 
>, if you get stuck).

Yeah, I figured I wasn't going to get custom service, I just wanted to
know that it was possible (especially with the tricky bit I mentioned
later) and if anybody had something similar they could pass it along.

> > - (here's what I think is probably the strange one) If they're not a
> >   moderator approving somebody else's post, replace the From line with the
> >   userid they authenticated with and the local domain name.  (We have some
> >   contractual thing why we don't allow From forging).
> Hmmm.  Thinking...
> - There is a setting which generates the Sender: header from 
>   authentication information.  If that happens before the Perl
>   posting filter kicks in, then you could do what you want with 
>   about three lines of Perl.
> - Somebody posted a patch in the past couple weeks, either here
>   or in, to make the From: header have the same
>   behavior as Sender:

That would be useful.  I'll go searching some more.


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