Problems with inn 2.2.3

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at
Mon Apr 29 22:47:29 UTC 2002

Quoting Mark Hittinger (bugs at
> | From: ptomblin at (Paul Tomblin)
> | I rebuild the history file, and it's setting down to a much more
> | reasonable 26Mb.  Running news.daily got rid of most of the duplicates.
> | I've still got a bunch of those history items like 
> | [5D5978E11CE8882699819BFCA7D57129]      1020115686~-~1020115686
> | [33C9E1199C2DCAC21BBA28F0077B2694]      1020115724~-~1020115724
> | [7603278280298CBE026E6B1DD47C547D]      1020115851~-~1020115851
> | mixed in amongst the more normal
> | <aakd2k$ctg$1 at>	1020116109~-~1020114836	rec.aviation.student/92238
> | <aake4k$ctg$2 at>	1020116109~-~1020115924	rec.aviation.student/92239
> | <aakea7$bks7h$1 at>	1020116111~-~1020115254	alt.lang.asm/2414
> Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!  What a scary looking history file! :-)
> Those "normal" records do not look normal for inn 2.x to me.  I've not run 2.x
> with traditional spool so I am not 100% sure about this but my belief is that
> 2.x history file records never have the message id in field #1.  Its always
> the hash so that things like the history cache can work etc.

I first noticed the hash ones when I upgraded from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3.  They
are currently a huge minority of the entries.  None of the hash entries
has a group name/article number in field 3 but there are message-id type
entries without a group name/article number, so I suspect the hash entries
correspond to one of the ways of rejecting articles (either the perl
filter or the invalid groups one).  I am *only* using tradspool, and I
have never used any of the other storage methods.

> Is it possible you have some 1.x binaries putting entries into the
> history file somehow?

Not possible.  The oldest inn I had on this system was 2.1.x.

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