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john@new-websites cjbcarva at bio.ufpr.br
Wed Dec 11 22:55:15 UTC 2002

---------- Hey buddy! Try something different .... thats what my buddy in
theoffice said! Although our job is to research new sites for our opt-in
members - we were all getting fed up of the same old 'vanilla sex' ...UNTIL
......... we found an amazing knock your socks off site dedicated to the
world of Toons... wow! This was awesome It was like revisiting all those old
cartoon mags and saturday TV progs .. but with totally different
storylines!!  Your imagination goes right off the rictar scale.... major
tremors ;-D     This isn't one of those cr*p 'everything for free' sites...
they make an honest upfront charge of only $4.95 for complete access to
everything ... cartoons, animated videos .. the lot ... hey thats cheaper
than buying a xxxmag!!   Take a look we know you'll enjoy it as much as we
do.... and look forward to some wild dreams!   Hank   CLICK HERE   link is [IMG
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