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Thu Dec 26 08:39:35 UTC 2002

Our company is a main manufacturer of FLASH MEMORY USB DRIVE (Espreader DiskJ) in China. 
Espreader Disk is a pocketable USB FLASH HARD DRIVE for data storage and transportation .It acts as a removable hard drive when plugging into the USB port of your computer. You can save, delete, and move files endless numbers of times without worries. Through it, transporting your data has been never this easy.  

Its characteristics as follows:
(1)  No cable, battery, no drive, power supply and software, required.
(2) Capacity: 32MB; 64MB; 128MB; 256MB; 512MB; 1GB;
(3):Writing and reading speed is much faster than disk, ( write: 700KB /sec, Red : 1 MB.)
(4):At least 10 years of data retention
(5):Small dimension, light weight, ( L*W*H=85*28*15mm) thumb-size, weight 15 grams.
(6) shockproof and moisture-proof.
(7) Can write and delete for more than 1,000,000 times.

And its functions as follows:
(1):support format and security program, secure the data, even in case of losing the flash disk, the data won't be leaked.
(2):No driver installation required(except on Window 98)
(3):Support Window 98/99 Se/Me/2000/XP/Mac Os/Linux.
(4):Support USB Hard Disk booting from BIOS (BIOS supporting USB HDD)
(5):Write protect switch to secure the date in the disk.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more details. 


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