Possible bug in the feed mechanism - INN Current

F. Senault fred at lacave.net
Mon Jul 15 09:11:55 UTC 2002


Maybe this problem has been addressed, but it seems that there's no
newer snapshot available on the FTP than the INN-CURRENT-20020621 I'm
using.  (Had to upgrade for a few problems with BerkeleyDB based

I noticed some errors in injection scripts, rnews spewing messages
like 'unrcognized response from server'.

It seems that the server doesn't prepend numeric error codes in his
return messages anymore for some types of errors (I had this with
'Body of header is all blanks').

I studied the differences between this version and v2.3.3.

The error message is generated in 'ARTparseheader' in art.c.  In
v2.3.3, the numerical code was added in 'ARTpost', two steps higher in
the call stack.  In v2.4.0, the mechanism has changed, and there's no
such thing.  For a quick fix, I added the error code in
'ARTparseheader', but I guess it's not the best way to do it...

Hope this helps,

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